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ZAIA was created in 2020 by the architect Giancarllo Bruno, with the objective of achieving an architecture that meets the needs of contemporary society.

Giancarllo is graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He worked in large Brazilian offices, such as Studio Arthur Casas, FGMF and Aflalo Gasperini, acquiring great experience in the area of ​​small and large scale architectural projects.

Problem, solution and justification. This is the basis that supports the architecture in which we believe, and it is through it that we intend to think about the space, so that all aspects of the project have a solid base of solutions for each situation, through collected parameters and data, privileging efficiency, environment and experience.

The projects are designed in such a way that there is an ideal and timeless balance between the environment and architecture, establishing a spatial unity and harmonious potential between such elements.

From the city to the detail. From the environment to the program. Architecture in its unlimited totality.

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